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Pearl Pencils set of 12

Pearl Pencils set of 12

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Eric's (and Oscar's too!) favorite pencils come from Blackwing, a pencil design originally introduced in the 1930's, sought after by professional animators, discontinued for many years and revived by the CalCedar/Palomino pencil company in 2010 by popular demand. Featuring high-quality Japanese graphite, Blackwing's signature square ferrule and extendable (and replaceable) rectangular erasers. We love and use them so much that we're offering them along with other art ranch favorites in our own shop. This is a set of 12 Blackwing PEARL pencils, with a balanced lead and harder point that holds its sharpness for longer. Great for drawing and calligraphy.

12-pack gift box that doubles as a pencil cup

8" pencil length

Pearlescent white finish

White elastomer eraser

Made in Japan with California incense cedar

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