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The Original Lonely Palm Ranch Calendar: 2025

The Original Lonely Palm Ranch Calendar: 2025

Lonely Palm Press

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Our first and signature product. The limited edition Lonely Palm Ranch calendar. 2025 edition.

12 pages


Hand silk-screened on 65# vellum using water-based inks

PRE-SALE: Please note 2025 calendars are part of our yearly pre-sale. The Pfleeger family prints calendar pages all year long and begins shipping calendars on a first-come first-served basis in October.

SUBSCRIPTION OPTION: We’re excited to now offer our calendar loyalists the option to sign up for a yearly calendar subscription. If you're one of those LPR calendar super-fans and want to guarantee you'll get a calendar each year...and/or...if you love to save a little dough, check out our new calendar subscription option by clicking here. If you're here just to purchase the 2025 calendar, you're in the right place.

A WORD ABOUT CLIPS: In years past, our calendars have included a couple large super-strong clips from Puebco for hanging. Since many of you already have your clips to re-use year after year, we're now offering a pair of clips sold separately. Be sure to pick those up here if you need clips for the first time or a fresh pair for your fresh calendar.

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  • Our vision has always been to combine art and homesteading, and The Original Lonely Palm Ranch Calendar has been the manifestation of that dream. The calendar is made by hand with help from the whole family, and the designs are inspired by both local landscapes and our family travels and traditions.

  • Eric first discovered silk-screening in high school, studied printmaking in college (for 8 years!) and is a big believer in doing things the old-fashioned way. He takes months to sketch out the artwork on paper. Christa ideates the colors for each design, and we all help print them over many months of daily work.

  • Silk screening is such a cool process, and each color you see on the calendar represents a single day of printing for us. We print in runs of 600 for each color, filling up our drying racks completely. It is a time consuming endeavor, but we love doing it as a family and creating something beautiful together.